• Big port direct line (official) 3-5 weeks for bags, shoes, general goods, and machinery categories.
  • Estimated arrival of goods by sea 4-6 weeks for garments, textiles, semi-garments, cosmetics, drugs, food, and non-traffic goods.
  • Estimated goods arrive via air is an average of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days.
  • Minimum shipping by air is 1kg/shipping.
  • For the KG calculation system, if the goods have dimensions greater than the weight of the goods, it will be calculated by means of P*L*H/5000 = **kg.
  • Minimum shipping by sea is 0.1 cbm / receipt (shipping). If it does not reach 0.1 cbm / receipt (shipping), then a fee of 0.1 cbm will be calculated.
  • The shipping price includes customs clearance, taxes, documents, and shipping from the China warehouse to your address in West Jakarta, Central Jakarta, and North Jakarta. No additional fees or anything. For outside the area mentioned, we will send it via a local courier service of your choice or our recommendation.
  • Every shipment of goods to China's warehouse via sea and air will be confirmed with us in advance, and the goods to be delivered must be confirmed in detail.
  • Especially for glassware and liquids, please pack using a wooden case / crate on all sides. All leaks/breaks are beyond our responsibility and if the supplier fills the goods not in accordance with the order mixed with 1 box, it is also outside your responsibility and the shipping costs will still be paid.
  • Every shipment of goods to China's warehouse via sea and air, please attach an approved invoice and packing list, we are not responsible if the contents of the goods do not match the packing list. Each box of goods may only consist of 1 type of item / box, each box must also be repackaged with sacks before being sent to the China warehouse or our goods will be rejected. For goods that are mixed from various categories/types of goods, we will calculate the price per cbm based on the highest type of goods and the replacement for lost goods claims will follow the receipt approved in our system.
  • Photos of goods can be provided if the warehouse is not busy.
  • Payment for ordering goods can only be made through BCA ******0004 a/n E**** R***** account.
  • The maximum weight of an item with 1 cbm (1m 3 ) is 600kg. If the weight of the goods exceeds 600kg. Then an additional volume of 0.1 cbm (0.1 m3 / 200 kg will be charged).
  • If you have received information about the goods arriving at the Jakarta warehouse from us, please immediately make the payment process for the goods to be sent to the destination address immediately. Goods that have arrived at the Jakarta warehouse cannot be held for more than 7 days. All risks that occur to goods due to delays in picking up goods at the Jakarta warehouse are your responsibility. If it is more than 7 days, a warehouse rental fee of Rp. 5000/cbm/day
  • After making the payment, the delivery of your destination goods must follow your Jakarta warehouse delivery queue route, a maximum of about 1-3 days. If you want it to be picked up faster, you can take it directly to your warehouse / we will order a GoBox.
  • Information on the estimated arrival date of the goods in our system is the ESTIMATED date, not the exact date the goods will arrive.
  • Your goods will be covered by our insurance of Rp. 20,000,000/cbm. If the value of your goods exceeds Rp. 20,000,000/cbm, then you can exceed insurance at a cost of 1% per Rp. 10,000,0000 of the excess value of the item. Insurance cannot be purchased if the item has already been shipped.
  • Insurance cover covers loss of goods according to the shipping receipt, confiscation at Customs, ship sinks, riots, natural disasters, goods hit by sea water, and fires. For natural disasters and goods that have passed 3 months from the date the goods entered the warehouse of the Chinese expedition, we will claim it to the related expedition to request a refund.
  • In case of import restrictions & restrictions (Red Lights), you have to wait until the process is complete, without any pressure, replacement for lagging models, damaged goods due to low quality, penalties and so on. If the goods are detained more than 3 months, then the value of the item will be replaced according to the insurance purchased.
  • Payment must be made if the goods have arrived at the Jakarta warehouse before being sent to you.
  • Every Sunday, warehouses in Guangzhou & Yiwu are closed.
  • If the goods contain drugs and are not in accordance with the packing list/invoice, you are ready to be responsible according to the laws that apply to shipping and the owner of the goods.
Update Terms and condition : 5 Juni 2021

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